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    -=Nuke Ban Bot v1.0.0=-


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    -=Nuke Ban Bot v1.0.0=- Empty -=Nuke Ban Bot v1.0.0=-

    Post  ADMIN on Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:27 am

    -=Nuke Ban Bot v1.0.0=- Nuke-ban-bot2

    How to use ?

    step 1:- Fill up a spy id (any id) may or may not be a admin id, its password, fill welcome n bye message if you want and enter a room you want to enter.

    step 2 :- To fill up the stylish room name , add the spy id to your contact and send room#roomname to its pv8.

    NOTE:- to change the room name then first leve the room n then change room name.

    step 3:- Fill up the admin id (its for banning flood ids) and connect it, now wait till connection shows 100%.

    step 4:- Fill up the suspected flood resources (part or full resource). You can even copy the resource from user’s log box by double clicking on it.
    example:- If resource is like –==jay1==–, –==jay2==–, and so on…then put ‘–==’ without quotes in Resource-1 box. In short put the part of repeating resource of flood ids.


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