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    -= NUKE ADD FLOODER KILLER =- Nuke-add-flooder1

    Guys, Happy New Year to you all.

    Nuke is known for its creative and unique ideas. I dont belive in developing or creating the things just like others coz its just useless thing to copy smthing.

    Well, here is a Nuke Add Flooder V1.0.0 opening a whole diffrent window of ideas in these new year.

    Features :-

    1.) All kind of series id are supported (1-jay, jay-1-, and jay1)

    2.) Rolling flood

    3.) 3 add flood from each id

    4.) As we know that Add flood is almost banned but slow flood is not yet banned. Its a bit slow flood but very dangerous.

    5.) Supports controller id(cid)

    What is controller id ?

    *. Yea, these is what makes Nuke Add Flooder completly diffrent. Controller id(cid) as name suggests, is capable to controll the whole tool remotely

    *. By controller id you can make changes in tool and almost change all flooding information remotely.

    Why to controller id (cid) ?

    *. Yea, why should we use controller id ? well the answer is simple, we use controller id (cid) to operate the tool remotely when we dont have physical access to the computer

    *. You can use controller id for server, so no need to be on pc to operate the tool, coz you can do it by sending appropriate commands to controller id (cid).

    *. If you are on mobile and want to add flood your enemy then tell one of your friend to start the tool and put your desired cid and use it as you want.

    How to use Controller id (cid) ?

    1.) Tell your friend to start the tool in his computer.

    2.) Tell him to put a Controller id, its password and your i. Now tell him to login the controller id.

    NOTE :- Controller id must be added in your contact list.

    3.) Thats it !! now no need to tell him to fill up the flood ids, there password, target id and all.Send these commands given below in private to your controller id…

    (a) help – to get the help for commands

    (b) fill#flood-ids-with-?#starting number#ending number#password

    eg:- fill#jay_khetia-?-#1#500#12345

    NOTE :- Dont forget to write “fill”

    (c) target#target id

    eg:- target#indian_coder

    NOTE :- Dont forget to write “target”

    (d) start – to start the flood

    (e) stop – to stop the flood

    (f) restart – to restart the flood from the first id

    NOTE :- Some time due to weak net connection add flood stops at a particuler id. So it is advisable to restart the flood after some time.

    (g) hide – to hide the tool, when you dont want to show your ids, there password and to whome you r flooding.

    (h) show – to unhide the tool

    (i) clear all – it will clear all text boxes, flood log and will stop the flood.

    Guys, i am not getting much time and didnt tested the tool much…so there might be possibility of some minor bugs. So, if you find any such bugs then inform me by commenting here. Even if you want to add some new commands then also comment here. I will fix those bugs in next version, and add new commands if possible.



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