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    -= Nuke Password Changer (Ids of any formate) =-


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    -= Nuke Password Changer (Ids of any formate) =-

    Post  ADMIN on Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:34 am

    I have made a password changing tool Nuke Password changer for flood ids of any formate.

    *. If your id is of form “1-jay_khetia” then leave first box of id blank in second box put a number (eg:- 1 or 5 or 11 ) that is a starting number form where password changing starts and in last box put “-jay_khetia”

    *. If your id is of the form jay_khetia-1 then in first box write “jay_khetia-” in second box put a starting number and leave third box blank

    *. If your id is of form “jay1khetia” then put “jay” in first box in second box put starting number and in third box put “khetia”.

    *. Now in the box below the starting number box is the box for ending number. If i want to change pass of an id till 100 then i will put 100 in “to” box*. Put old password, new password, email and tick the “start” box and password changing will be in progress.

    NOTE :- Guys, actually changing password from any software at once will be traced by nimbuzz and then those ids will be banned. So if you use my tool and if your ids gets banned then dont think that i have used key logger. So, change password of any hacked flood ids and not yours so it will not make any loss to you.


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