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    -= Nuke Room Bomber V4.0.0 =-


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    -= Nuke Room Bomber V4.0.0 =- Empty -= Nuke Room Bomber V4.0.0 =-

    Post  ADMIN on Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:35 am

    -= Nuke Room Bomber V4.0.0 =- Nuke-bomber-v4-2

    Whats new in V4.0.0 ?

    1.) Speed increased

    2.) Tool size is decreased by introducing tabs

    3.) Auto id filler changed to that of Nuke shacker i.e. if your id is 1-jay_khetia then there are two box for filling ids in which first box is for starting number so put 1 there and second box is for your id so put ?-jay_khetia there. If your id is like jay_khetia-1- than in second box put jay_khetia-?- . So, simply put ? in place of number

    4.) Resource is changed from -=NUKE=- to –==YOUR_FLOOD_ID==–

    5.) Ids connecting to server and joining rooms is now changed to that like in Nuke room shacker so you can eaisly join rooms.

    6.) Stable version


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