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    -= Nuke pv8 Blaster V1.0.0 (Contact list) =-


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    -= Nuke pv8 Blaster V1.0.0 (Contact list) =- Empty -= Nuke pv8 Blaster V1.0.0 (Contact list) =-

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    -= Nuke pv8 Blaster V1.0.0 (Contact list) =- Nuke-pv8-blaster-2


    1.) Very very fast flood to your enemy

    2.) Flood will dc the user

    How to use it ? :-

    *. Fill the text boxex as shown in the below snap

    *. Now tick connect and it will take some time to connect the id and when it it loaded 100% than bang your enemy by making a tick to activate/diactivate tick box

    *. Dont forget to put enemy’s id and your flood message


    Dont remain online from the id you are using to flood from any client wether it is nimbuzz,bombus or any pc client. It is necessary that id remains online ONLY from Nuke pv8 Blaster.


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