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    -= nuke enter left flud =- Empty -= nuke enter left flud =-

    Post  ADMIN on Fri Mar 16, 2012 6:45 am

    Ok guys, here is Nuke Voodoo attack v1.0.0 (Enter left) flooder, lol dont ask me why i gave such a name Very Happy.

    Features :-

    1.) You can flood with any number of ids, 999999999999999 ids will also do if u have so many ids lol

    2.) It has a ” nick space box “, its just gives some spacebefore the flood id nick, so you can enter some spaces in that box. If you didnt got these one then login through bombuss n flood the room with some spaces to see what i mean to say.

    3.) 2 message box for flooding text.

    4.) 2 message box for room subject.

    5.) ” Message Styl ” well these is the best and unique thing, just scroll to the most appropriate style of flooding that you want. Check out all 7-9 styles of flooding (lol i forgot the number of flood styles i put there ).

    6.) ” pv8 target id ” as the name suggests, its for pv8 flood to user id.

    Now its time to update Nuke Room Shacker and Multi Flooder they r really beautiful

    Guys please comment about these Nuke Voodoo attack v1.0.0 coz it inspires me to make such tools better.

    Well last thing about its speed, its speed totally depends on your net speed.

    -= nuke enter left flud =- >voodoo2


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