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    -= NUKE ID BANNER =-


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    -= NUKE ID BANNER =- Empty -= NUKE ID BANNER =-

    Post  ADMIN on Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:31 am

    -= NUKE ID BANNER =- Nuke-id-banner1

    Guys , this is nuke Id banner v1.0.0 for banning serise ids. Just put the details and start banning ids.

    Most of the id banners out there contains key loggers n torjans. There is also one sinobi auto banner…nice tool safe but only one kind of series can be banned. So, i decided to make a banner to ban almost all kind of series ids…and very safe. If you dont trust me than make a temperory id give it power and ban flood ids again remove its power. And one more thing….these tool is very fast…and depends on your net connection…faster your net faster would be the banning speed.


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